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 Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta
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North Central Region Office has been active with Delta-related studies and improvements through its data collection activities. An Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler has been installed at Old River at Head below the barriers. Flow measurements are being taken periodically to in order to develop a rating table. The flow values are being telemetered into CDEC as real time flows. The ID for the Old River is OH1. An additional ADCP is planned to be installed at the Rough and Ready tide gage to monitor the flows in the Stockton Ship Channel.

The Old River near DMC, Middle River, and the Old River at Head barriers were recently installed. The Old River at Head barrier was removed, and the Grantline barrier was installed in June. North Central Region Office is continuously monitoring the water quality in the South Delta for the period that the barriers are in place. A new water quality monitoring station has been installed in the Old River near Delta Mendota Canal. This station consists of a multi-parameter continuous monitoring instrument, which will conduct hourly readings to ascertain the water quality directly adjacent to the rock barrier.

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